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24/11/19 @crofton - Porter Hero DC 105cm


21/12/18 @Sparsholt - Dreamer Double clear 70cm, one pole in 80cm jumpoff, Bonny DC in 80cm and a pole 90cm jump off


9/12/18 @Parwood - Porter Hero DC and 9th in Bluechip Diamond Qulaifier, Indie 2 poles in Diamond Qualifier


2/11/18 @Priory - Dreamer second comp scoring 65% prelim, Bonny 66%, Indie 61% and Denzels first DR comp 65%


24/11/18 @merrist wood Porter Hero 2nd in 110cm, Indie copel of poles in BN and DISC


21/11/18 @Quob Porter Hero Wins 1m


11/11/18 @Priory Ecklands Serendipity at her forst dressage comp, scoring 59% and 60% in the prelims, Bonny aka Lady More scoring 63% and 66% in prelim 12 coming 6th, Dreamers first ever show, scorinh 59% and 60% in both prelims


2/11/18 @Quob Ecklands Serendipity aka Indie her f=second show first affiliated, one pole injump off, Porter Hero 3rd in 1m, one pole in 105cm


19/10/18 @Quob - Prelim 7 Bonny scoring 63% coming 4th and Bambi scoring 62% coming 5th


11/10/18 @Quob Porter Hero DC 105cm


8/9/18 @Tweseldown UA 80cm, both at their frst events, sadly jockey learnt dressage wrong but both ponies were very good, Smartie had one unlcuky pole in SJ, Snoopy had the last double down which  was such a shame as jumped lovely clear til then, both clear XC, snoopy had 9 times fts. Snoopy still cmae 13th and Smartie came 16th


19/07/18 @Merristwwod - Leo placed 4th in Prelim 68% and just out of placings in Novice, Rebel at his first show in Prelim 7 scored a brilliant 61%, Snoopy did a fab test iin Novice but sadly out of placings and Silver at his first show scored 59% in Prelim 7

14/07/18 @Highbrook - Snoopy a couple poles at his second ever show jumped amazing round the 80cm and 90cm, Smartie jumped super in the 90cm and had one unlcuky pole or would have come 4th.

20/06/18 @Highbrook - Prelim 7 Romeo scored 62% and Snoopy 64.45%

14/06/18 @Parwood - Prelim 12 Snoopy scored 59% and in Novice 24 scored 61% coming 2nd

23/05/18 @Highbrook Stables - Prelim 1 and both their first show ever, Tom scored 59.74% and Snoopy 56,84%

05/05/18 @Merrist Wood - Both at their first ever shows Gleneaves Dun Deal aka Rosie 57.50% Prelim 7 and Donally Surprise aka Mint scoring 62.50% in Prelim 7 coming 6th

18/02/18 @Priory - Travis third ever test Novice 27 scoring respectable 61%

28/1/18 @Priory - Travis second ever dressage test prelim scoring 65.96%

10/12/17 @crofton - Travis first ever dressage test prelim 1 55% and Mistys first dressage test 58% in hurricane weather lol

23/11/17 @Quob - porter Hero 3rd in 105cm open

9/11/17 @Quob - Porter Hero DC in the 1m open

25/10/17 @Quob - Port Hero placed 2nd in 90cm

20/10/17 @Quob - Diamond Quest prelim 7 - 70.45% and placed 2nd, Letterfinish Seamus prelim 7 - 66.36%. Both their first ever test.

19/08/17 @Crofton - Eskers Two Tone  unlucky pole in 80-90cm, Cannaderry Star DC and 4th in 80-90cm

22/7/17 @Sparsholt -Cannanderry Star double clear and wins the 75cm, Mylo double clear and Wins the 80cm, Conazar Cheeky Chick 2nd in 80cm and Tonto double clear in 85cm just out of placings

28/4/17 @crofton - Roxy 4ft British Novice on ticket

05/ 4/17 @Crofton - Diamond Quest DC Britsh Novice, Poter Hero 4ft 90cm open and DC 4th 1m open

25/3/17 @Sparsholt Eric aka Pick n Choose 2nd 90cm, Diamond Quest DC and 5th Discovery

11/3/17 @Merrist Wood - Diamond Quest Double clear Discovery and Porter Hero Double clear 1m open

4/3/17 @Crofton Manor - Pick n Choose 2 poles in British Novice jump off, Diamond Quest DC British Novice and pole in Discovery, Porter Hero DC and placed 2nd in both 95cm and 1m open

22/2/17 @Quob - Pick n choose last pole down in British Novice, Diamond Quest 4ft in Discovery, Poter Hero DC and 4th in 90cm and DC in 1m open

19/2/17 @Quob Rita one pole in both the 2ft3 and 2ft6, Harry a pole in 2ft3 and 2ft6, Action Man pole in 2ft3 and douuble clear 2ft6

11/2/17 @Sparsholt  ShanboBuffys dun with Hannah 4fts iin 95cm and Discovery, Diamond Quest 4fts in Discovery

8/2/17 @Quob - Diamond Quest Double clear Discovery

25/1/17 @Quob - Diamond Quest 4ft British Novice and 4fts his first Discovery

11/12/16 @Quob -Kilanin first ever show 4ft in the 2ft3-2ft6 and 8fts in 2ft6-2ft9, Dino 4fts in 2ft3-2ft6 but fastest time, Double clear 2ft6-2ft9

10/12/16 @Merrist Wood - Bramblebrough Exmore 4fts in British Novice, Shanbo Buffys Dun 4ft Discovery


3/12/16 @Crofton Manor - Bramblebrough Exmore 4fts British Novice jump off, Porter Hero 4fts in 90cm open, Shanbo Buffys Dun 4ft in the Bluechip Discovery Qualifier


11/16 @Quob - Bramblebrough Exmore 4ft in British Novice jump off, Porter Hero DC placed 2nd in 90cm, last fence in 1m jump off, Shanbo Buffys Dun 4ft in both Discovery and 105cm jump off.


20/11/16 @Sparsholt - Clondrina Boy 8fts 2ft3 and 4ft 2ft6 (first show) Bramblebrough Exmore double clear 2ft6 and 4fts 2ft9 (first show), Poter Hero double clear and 2nd 90cm.


19/11/16 @Parwood - Shanbo Buffys Dun 4ft in jump off Blechip Novice Qualifier and 4ft in Discovery jump off


03/ 10/16 @Coombelands -Diamond Quest DC placed 3rd in 85cm, 4fts in British Novice, Shanbo Buffys Dun 4ft in discovery jump off, Wellview Apollo 4ft discovery, DC 105cm coming 5th.


23/09/16 @crofton Manor - Shanbo Buffys Dun 4ft in British Novice jumpoff, double clear to win the Discovery, Wellview Apollo double clear and 2nd in Discovery, Diamond Quest double clear 5th in Novice


19/ 09/ 16 @Felbridge - Diamond Quest 4fts British Novice jump off, Shanbo Buffys Dun double clear and 4th in British Novice, Wellview Apollo 2 poles in Discovery jump off.


11/9 /16 @Sparsholt - Georgie Lad double clear 2ft6-2ft9


6/ 9 /16 @Parwood - Diamond Quest aka Alfie 4fts (sat nav error with rider) in the British Novice, Wellview Apollo fast in 1m discovery just touched the last fence


2/ 8/16 @Parwood - Shanbo Buffy Dun DC placed 2nd in British Novice, one pole in Discovery,  Wellview Apollo Placed 5th in Discovery


16/7Crofton Manor - Wellview Apollo Double Clear and 2nd in the Discovery


26/6 /16 @Parwood Diamond Quest at his first affiliated show 4fts in the British Novice, Shanbo Buffy Dun 4ft in British Novice and Discovery jump off, Wellview Apollo 4fts in Discovery and 105cm.


18/6/16 @Crofton Manor Shanbo Buffy Dun, 8fts in the British Novice and Wellview Apollo Double clear Discovery


12/6 /16 @Sparsholt - Shanbo Buffy Dun DC in British Novice (Jockey circled through time after bell so finished 4ft) and 8fts in Discovery (1m-105cm) jump off, Wellview Apollo one pole in 90cm and 1m


5/6/16 @Crofton Manor - Millbrae Zac one pole in 2ft6 and 2ft9, Georgie Lad wins the 2ft6 and one pole in 2ft9, Diamond Quest one pole in 90cm/3ft (his second ever show)


3/ 6/ 16 @crofton Manor - Wellview Apollo 4ft in 90cm and DC coming 5th in the Discovery 1m


21/ 05/ 16 @Crofton Manor - Diamond Quest - at  his first ever show, one pole in the 80cm, Shanbo Buffy Dun DC 3rd in the 80cm, DC placed 2nd in the British Novice, Wellview Apollo first show after his holiday 4ft in the 90cm.


26/ 04/ 16 @Parwood - Shanbo Buffy Dun double clear and 3rd in British Novice, one pole in the Discovery, Katies Clover Imp double clear and 2nd in both the 1m and 105cm


17/ 04 /15 @Parwod - Shanbo Buffy dun double clear and placed 2nd in the British Novice 90cm and a pole in the Discovery 1m jump off, our first show on Katies Clover Imp a pole in 1m and 105cm jump off


05/ 04/ 16 @Parwood BS - Shanbo Buffy Dun a pole in the British Novice Jump off


02/ 04/ 16 @Parwood BS - Shanbo Buffy Dun a pole in J.O of 85cm and a pole in 95cm


20/ 02/ 16 @Crofton - Shanbos Buffy Dun at his second show, one pole in 2ft6 and the 2ft9


14/ 02 /16 @Quob - Shanbos Buffy Dun placed 2nd and CloverHill Jack placed 3rd in 2ft3/2ft6 out of 50 and one pole for both ponies in 2ft6/2ft9


27/ 12/15 @Crofton Area 43 show - Glen diamond Lady 4th out of 40 in a fast 105cm and a pole in the Blue Chip Star Qualifier first round


21/ 12/15 @wellington - Glen Diamond Lady a pole in the 105cm and in 110cm


09/ 12/ 15 @Quob - Wellview Apollo one pole in Discovery and one pole in 1-05cm


01/ 12/ 15 @Parwood - Wellview Apollo placed 3rd in British Novice and getting last double clear for second rounds, Glen Diamond lady won the 1m open, double clear and placed 2nd in the 110cm / Newcomers combined.


11/ 11/ 15 @Quob stables - Glen Diamond Lady pole in 105cm speed class and 2 poles in the 110cm very big jump off.


7/ 11/ 15 @Parwood - Wellview Apollo got his third British Novice Double clear and Glen Diamond Lady in the Diamond Bluechip qualifier had one pole in jump off but would have been placed 2nd out of 70 horses with a very quick jump off in the heavy rain..


28/ 10/ 15 @Quob stables - Old Rock Jil won the British Novice and double clear placed 5th in Discovery, Wellview Apollo double clear in Novice and Discovery placed 6th and 7th, Glen Diamond Lady DC 1m and pole iin 1.05cm.


17/ 10/1 @Crofton Manor - Wellview Apollo Double clear and 4th in British Novice, one pole in jump of Discovery, Old Rock Jil Double clear and 5th in British Novice and a pole in jump off of Discovery, Brooklyn Charm very unlucky pole in 80cm and Novice jump off.


LORRY OFF ROAD for 2 months


12/ 08 /15 @crofton Manor - Wellview Apollo one pole in British Novice Jump off, Old Rock Jil couple of Poles in British Novice and jumped clear in Discovery although jockey circled as missed a fence ! Glen Diamond Lady DC 1M open coming 5th and DC in 110cm with strong 120 j,o coming 4th


25/ 07 /15 @Crofton Manor - Old Rock Jil 4ft in her first British Novice and Glen Diamond Lady DC and 2nd in the 1m and pole in 105cm


07/ 07/ 15 @paccesham - Glen Diamond Lady DC and 2nd in the 1m open and one pole in the 1.05cm


14/ 06/ 15 @Yately - Brooklyn Charm at her first show DC in the 85cm and pole in British Novice


30/ 05/ 15 @Sparsholt - Kildromin Schmichel wins the 2ft6 and 5th in the 2ft9


24/ 05/ 15 @Parwood - Glen Diamond Lady one pole in 1m open and double clear Newcomers 110cm


5/ 05/2015 @Crofton Manor unaffiliated - Luckys first show, 2 beautiful rounds in 2ft and 2ft3, Aille Ranger 3rd out of 50 in 2ft6, Brooklyns first outing double clear 2ft6 and 2ft9


Bluechip Championships Littlewood Lancer Qualified 95cm amateur, pole in first round and DC in 2nd round just missed out on Championship in main ring, placed 22nd out of 100


9/ 04 /2015 -@crofton Manor - Littlewood Lancer double clear and wins the 1m, Glen diaond lady DC 1m, DC Newcomers 110cm 4th


28/ 03/ 2015 -@paccesham - Littlewood Lancer double clear won the 1m open, with an unlucky pole in 105cm, Glen Diamond Lady DC 105


21/ 03 /2015 - @Crofton Manor - Nancy competing in HHPC teams 80cm, one pole in 1st round and clear in 2nd round, team placed 6th


14/ 03 /2015 - @Crofton Manor - Littlewood Lancer DC and placed 2nd in 1m, one unlucky pole in 1.05, Glen Diaamond Lady pole in 1.05, DC and 6th in 110cm Newcomers


04 /02 /2015 -@crofton Manor - Littlewood Lancer pole in 1m open, GlenDiamond Lady double clear in 1m Open


01/ 03/ 2015 - @Merrist Wood - Littlewood Lancer 6th and qualifys 95cm Bluechip, Glen Diamond Lady unfortunate 4ft in jump off


18 /02 /2015 - @Quob Stables - Sable Madaline 2nd in the 90cm open, Littlewood Lancer one pole in 1m and one pole in 1.05cm, Glen Diamond Lady 1 pole in 1m open.


10/ 01/ 2015 - @Sparsholt - Littlewood Lancer comes 4th and Quickstep Lady Amelia comes 6tth and also Qualify for 95cm Amateur second rounds.


7 / 01 / 2015 - @Crofton Manor - Littlewood Lancer double clear and 4th 1m Open, Quickstep Lady Amelia Jumped double clear and 6th in Discovery


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