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Selling Livery.  We have a huge request for us to sell horses and ponies on behalf of their owners, often due to lack of time and not wanting the stress of selling their beloved pony. We get brilliant results as we put a lot of time in getting to know individual ponies and riding them every day and dealing with all aspects of selling.


Selling livery is on a grass livery basis, with the first week an assessment period for us to get to know the horse, at the end of this week we will discuss price and how we will proceed with marketing,we do not take on problems horses or horses with dangerous vices

When you bring your horse to us, we expect you to ride your horse so we can observe how it goes before we sit on ourselves and then discuss any issues that need working on.

Livery is £90 a week grass livery, which includes haylage, schooling/riding 4 x a week, taking photos and writing adverts, talking to potential buyers, showing off the pony and dealing with vettings. We then charge 10% commission of the final selling price. Other costs include if the horse needs shoeing, competed or hard fed, we ask all to arrive with two weeks livery (which is non refundable), a wormer, a turn out rug in winter and fly rug in summer even if not going with, recently shod and that the horse is insured..

Livery must then be paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis until sold. Any horses showing any ridden or handling vices and so fail the week assessment  must be collected within 3 days and will not be sold on under the Marsh Ponies banner. We recceomend advertising on Horse quest £36 and NFED £9. It is up to the owner to make sure the horse is insured for vet fee's, Marsh Ponies can not be hekd responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred on site.


Schooling.  We offer to take ponies and horses in for schooling, whether it be to improve the flat work or teach your horse / pony to jump, we  can then also compete your horse on your behalf. Prices start £120 per week on a grass livery basis we also offer showjump lessons from £20 


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