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Marsh DOG walking and services




We've been an established pony producing business for 10 years during which time we have successfully imported and sold numerous quality ponies to many happy customers, we have however now decided to do this on a part time basis for the time being. We have for some time wanted to take our other passion in life and turn it into another branch of our brand.  We have been dog owners for over 30 years and have experience with small breeds who can often suffer with separation anxiety and be shy round new people, also had larger breeds such as Staffies, lurchers and collie types, who all have their own different personality and breed traits, We have also rescued dogs from this country and abroad so accustomed to helping dogs to adjust to new routines and basic training.


Marsh Dog walking and services Price list 2019


please don't hesitate to phone or message for any specific requirements


Private 20-30 min Dog walk inc collection within 5 miles Prices start at £ 10 or £15  for 2  £20 for 3

45min -1 hour group dog walk inc collection within 5 miles Prices start at  £10  or £15  for 2  

Over 5 miles will be extra


Evening Dog sitting    £15 / £20 per eve from 6 til £10pm, £10 an hour after this


Day time home check    £10 per visit within 5 miles radius, over 5 miles will cost extra


Horse Holiday cover, tailored to suit your needs £20 an hour for 2 people


House sitting Prices start £45 a day, can be tailored to suit each individual needs, incs dog walk, equine care etc

we offer a normal house sit where we are out for approx 6 hours aday, also offer 24hour house sit.

















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