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producing horses is our way of life

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about us

We have both grown up with horses and been active members of the HH pony club and BS for many years.


Our passion is showjumping and we have competed up to Foxhunter level, qualifyied for Scope finals, Bluechip Championships and jumped at Royal Windsor Horse show, but our main love is bringing on horses and ponies and watching them flourish in their new homes.


We dont rush to sell our horses, while they are with us  we often compete them, school them on and enjoy them til the right person comes along, Please rememeber young & mature horses will need guidance and horses by their nature can be unpredictable.

Selling Livery.  We have a huge request for us selling horses and ponies on behalf of their owners, often due to lack of time and not wanting the stress of selling your beloved pony. We get brilliant results as we put a lot of time in, getting to know individual pony and riding them every day and dealing with all aspects of selling. Please see services section for prices etc

Schooling.  We offer to take ponies and horses in for schooling, whether it be to sort out a bad habit, improve the flat work and jumping or competed for the first time.


We do ask that you are completley satisfied that the horse you are trying is suitable for the purpose you intend it, please read the advert careful and watch videos, you can trial at our yard, bring friends and instructors, potentially take off site for a lesson and hack out both alone and in company.

Horses/ponies sold on behalf of clients unfortunately come with no warranties from us.

In order to secure a horse or pony a non refundable 10% or £500 which ever is the greater cash / bank transfer deposit will be required. Should you wish to have your horse or pony vetted, this will need to take place within 7days and the horse or pony collected within 2days, after this time £10 livery per day is charged. Please make sure your horse has a professional fit a saddle on arrival.


Due to running the business part time as of 2019 and having only a couple of horses in at one time, we can not offer refunds, we ask that you 100% happy that the horse is suited to the purpose you intend it, we are always happy to take a horse back in on sales livery and also willing to come out and help with any issues that may have arisen, as horses are animals and will some times in new enviroments act out of character.


There is no warranty when purchasing a clients horse for sale through Marsh Ponies, but again we can take back in on sales livery

Ring or email us at any time for additional information on any of our horses or ponies or if you would like to find out more about the services we offer.  We are even happy to just provide advice.

If you have bought ponies from us please post pics on our facebook wall we love to see how your getting on!

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