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Dog Walking


We offer a fun filled hour walk for your dog, which includes collection within 5 miles of Alton, clean off (LOL ) and drop off. We find dogs love group walks, this gives them a chance to socialise with other balanced friendly canines, we often take our own small dogs with us on walks, they are all well trained, kind and perfect to re call, when walking new dogs we find using the power of the pack instinct with our well trained dogs teaches new dogs to re call to us and stay together.

We take dogs for long stimulating walks through wood land such as Chawton Park which offers miles of interesting walks, rarely doing the same route twice  and also a safe environment with no roads or traffic danger, another place we love to walk is round common land, Kingsley being favoured as it is sandy so less chance of getting filthy, again a safe distance from any roads and so many intertesing areas for dogs to explore.

We do offer a private walking services, this is only 30mins long and is mainly aimed for young pups, elderly dogs, dogs who are too timid to walk in a group and others who can not be let off the lead.

If you LIKE Marsh Dog Walking and pet services, every time we walk your furbaby, we will pop pictures and videos on of your dog on their walk


Home Checks

Are you away for a long period of time during the day, whether at work or family occasions etc but have to leave your beloved pet at home?  We offer within 5 miles of Alton a home checking services where we would come over, let your doggy our for a wee, feed or water any pets as required, clean up any mess and litter trays, can include a short leg stretch, leaving to you be care free on your day out.


Evening Dog sitting

This service is a bit like baby sitting, if you are out for the evening and would rather your beloved dog wasnt left alone we offer to take dogs in for the evening, collection by 10pm or we can come over and sit with your dog at your house til 10pm, if you are later than 10pm price increases.


House and Pet sitting

We offer a very professional comprehensive house sitting service, numerous years of working with and owning a wide range of animals, also offering top level equine care.

While you are away, we will stay at your house, walk your dogs and feed, clean out any other pets, we will be out during the day at work for approx 6 hours and can tailor the sit to each individual households needs

It can be very hard to find some one knowlegdable and trustworthy to look after your horse (horses) while you are away, we have both ridden our whole lives, competed to a high level, run a successful pony producing business for over 10 years and now offering a bespoke house sitting and equine care service tailored to your needs, please enquire for prices.

















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